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Looking for a writer!

Job for hire.

Long term opportunity.

I’m looking for a creative and quality writer who is also a bit of a nerd! Everybody welcome.

Do you love writing? Do you love books, films and TV shows?  If you’re a good writer, and you’re passionate about these things, then you’re good to go!

I’m looking for a Guest-writer Continue reading “Looking for a writer!”


2016 Reading Challenge.

Hey guys!

This year I’m participating in the 2016 reading challenge! I know its already February, but I only just started it. There is plenty of time.

Here is a list of the criteria. Continue reading “2016 Reading Challenge.”

Call the Midwife Book reivew


This doesn’t really contain any spoilers- Hooray!

Some of you may have heard of the sensation that is the TV show ‘Call the Midwife’. It details the lives of the midwives and nurses working in the poor areas of London, in the 1950’s.

The TV series ‘Call the Midwife’ was inspired by the memoirs of the same name, by Jennifer Worth. Continue reading “Call the Midwife Book reivew”

Percy Jackson- Book vs Film.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Book vs Film.

(In some places it was named ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians- the Lightning Thief.’ I have no idea why. Sounds stupid.)

WARNING! This post contains spoilers.

Percy Jackson was a light, entertaining, easy read. I Loved the book….Not so much the film. Continue reading “Percy Jackson- Book vs Film.”

Girl Online review.. ghostwriters aside- is it a good book?


WARNING! This post contains spoilers from the book Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. Proceed with caution.

This is all just my personal opinion. Don’t hate.

Yes, I know I’m jumping on the band wagon a little late here, as Girl Online has been out for ages and now even the second one is coming out, but I have only just gotten around to reading it. So chill. Continue reading “Girl Online review.. ghostwriters aside- is it a good book?”

Audible review… reading for lazy people?


I have recently discovered the world of audiobooks, via the site Audible. Even though they have been around for quite a while, audiobooks had never really appealed to me before now. I don’t know why. It seemed sort of like cheating, somehow. Like you weren’t actually reading the book, because you were listening to someone else reading it. Which is true in a way. But I also found that I really enjoyed it. Continue reading “Audible review… reading for lazy people?”

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