Sooo, it turns out Glenn is alive! (Basically making my earlier post somewhat redundant.. Aha oops.) Click to see my reaction post for Season 6 episode 3: Why, Glenn why?!? Some people thought it was obvious that he wasn’t dead, but I didn’t.

Let me say this – I LOVE GLENN. He is one of my faves. But I was annoyed when I saw that he wasn’t dead after all.

When I saw he was alive, I was incredibly happy and relieved, then a little disappointed and annoyed. Here is how my reaction basically went:

  1. *GASP*
  2. Oh my gosh.
  3. Yay!
  4. I’m so happy!!
  5. Hmm….
  6. Okay,
  7. yep,
  8. eh.


I’m both very happy Glenn is alive and also very annoyed. I love him as a character, I always have, since season 1. . He’s grown a lot, from the ‘funny Asian kid’ to the badass zombie killer! (With some attractive facial hair.)



 I also love his relationship with Maggie. They’re soo cute. Plus, she’s preggo now, so it’s good he’s around. There are many reasons why I’m glad he’s back.

BUT I’m also very annoyed that he’s not dead. His death affected me a lot. And I was glad the show decided to kill off one of the main group again- something they’ve not done is AAAGEESS.

It was a mean trick what the writers did; making us think he was dead. They made us feel all that emotion and stuff, and no they’re like, “oh no its fine! He’s alive.” It just seemed anticlimactic. They’ve copped out, in a way. Wimps.

I don’t like fake deaths! Sometimes it’s okay, but this time I was unimpressed. It was supposed to be like plot twistHe’s alive. But I wasn’t surprised. If they had killed him, I would have hated the show, but respected the decision. It would have been a major plot point and driven the show forward. Now I’m just like meh.





I started reading the comics, and have just got to Glenn’s death. Ewww, poor Glenn. 😥 Maybe they’re waiting for this particular moment to kill him, but I don’t know if the show will follow the comic.

If they’ve brought him back just to kill him off (very gruesomely) later on, then I will be annoyed.

Many people didn’t believe he was dead, because they had read the comics or saw through the camera angles. I just thought the show was being arty and meaningful. Aha. I guess I was too involved in the moment and all caught up in emotion. All I’m gonna say is – I love Glenn. But the show… I feel like they should have let him stay dead. Why tease and play with us like that? What’s the point man.

I’m starting to think they will never kill off any of the main group. In season one, people were dying off left and right. But now it seems they are ALL surviving, very unrealistically.

I don’t wish Glenn was dead, but I’m annoyed he’s alive…Does that make sense? I dunno. But I don’t feel that great about it.


What do you think? Do you agree? I would love to know.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading.

byee 🙂