Episode 3- ‘Thank you’


I Just finished watching the Walking Dead season 6 episode 3.

After the crazy good drama of episodes 1 and 2, we were all expecting something shocking/exciting/crazy/amazing. And we got it.

it had to be one of the saddest episodes for a long time.

I have to say, this season has been ridiculously good so far.  It has really added a breath of fresh air to the show. No slower first episodes, with gradual tension building and foreshadowing- no! They dived right into the drama and hit the ground running. So much is happening all at once, it’s almost like a season finale. I just hope the amazingness doesn’t die down as we get further on into the season.


Spoliersssss ahead!!

Read on at your own risk!





I can’t believe Glenn died.


– Edited:  After watching the following episodes, I realise that Glenn is, in fact, not dead. (Naughty show, tricking us like that.) But continue reading to see my initial reaction to his ‘death’ and my views on the rest of the episode.



I am so sad. I was almost in tears when it happened. It’s the first time in a long while that they’ve killed a main character in Rick’s group. Glenn is in my top three favourite characters, along with Rick and Daryl, (Michonne is a close fourth.) I don’t know why, I’ve just always really liked him. And his relationship with Maggie was really cute, they loved each other so much, and kept finding each other when they got separated. They were like a new family starting out, a new hope for the future. Now the hope is dead. I don’t know what she’s going to do when she finds out. It won’t be pretty.

It’s awful the way they killed him as well. A horrible death. He deserved a much better death, something heroic, perhaps. But I guess that’s not realistic.  😥 Plus, he’s going to come back as a walker (if there’s anything left of him) because they would be no one to shoot him in the head. Let’s just hope that they ate all of him. That’s a pretty bleak hope, isn’t it?

Here’s what happened:

So… there was this HUGE herd of zombies heading towards the Alexandria safe zone, so Rick came up with a plan to try and lead them away. But it all went wrong….

Glenn and Nicholas were trapped on top on a dumpster with no where to run and thousands of walkers all around. Let’s just say- it didn’t look good. I wasn’t sure how they could get out of there. Then Nicholas went all weird, said ‘thank you’ and shot himself.

When Nicholas killed himself, I thought he was doing it to make a diversion, to sacrifice himself to the zombies, so Glenn could somehow get away. I was SURE that’s how it was going to go down. How wrong was I?!

His limp body fell onto Glenn, and it pushed them both off the dumpster and into the herd of walkers; Glenn instantly being ripped open and eaten alive. Blood spilled everywhere. As shocked as I was, I couldn’t help but notice the cinematography here. They didn’t actually show the walkers in the shot. You just saw Glenn’s face, as blood and guts unravelled around him, you just saw his expressions of pain, horror and aguish and misery. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I was so distressed.

So saddddddd.

Why Glenn, why!?

(Some people are saying he isn’t really dead- which would be great! – But I don’t know how this could be possible. Unless it was all a dream or something. Aha, I don’t know.)

When Nicholas said ‘thank you’ I think it meant thanks for not killing him in a previous episode, for giving him a second chance and showing him how to be a decent guy. Glenn took him under his wing and believed in him. I was never really bothered about his character, and they focused on him quite a bit. His selfishness and cowardice got others killed, now he’s trying to overcome what he did and trying to do good.

I was like ‘Why are they spending so much time developing this guy?’ But now I get it- his actions caused major turning points in the narrative.

As well as quoting Nicolas’ words in the pivotal moment before they died, I think the Title of this episode ‘Thank you’ is also, perhaps, a goodbye to Glenn. It might be thanking him for everything he’s done for the group and for all the good times. Thanks Glenn! We’ll miss you.

I have no idea why the writers decided to kill off Glenn. He’s a very likeable character and an asset to the group. He’s been with Rick from the beginning.

Plus, Glenn had a wife- Maggie- as well as all his friends, so it made the stakes higher and the loss more deep-felt. This will affect the group a lot, think. That’s probably why they chose to kill him.

It was well done, I suppose, but I am not happy!!

I know they haven’t killed a bigger character in a long time, so it was probably overdue. I think we all got too safe and comfortable, as the group has survived so much for so long. So this came as a mega shock. I guess we need to remember that no one is safe. Even the favourites. (Though I doubt they will kill Rick.)

As unhappy as I am about Glenn’s death, I should probably talk about some other parts of the episode.

For example, I liked the confrontation between Michonne and Heath. He was angry over what he had heard Rick saying, ‘Not all of them will make it, if you have to- leave them, just get home.’ Then good ol’ Michonne brought him down with her response. She states that she’s not going to leave anyone, and defends what Rick said. She goes into a speech about the kind of things they went through:

“You haven’t been through it…Have you ever been covered in so much blood you didn’t know if it was yours, the walkers, or your friends? -Then you don’t know.”

It’s really good. His anger subsides, as he gets a glimpse of what they have been subjected to, being out in the open all this time.

Later on, near the end of the episode, they had to leave members of the group behind and only three people made it out. Heath sees a reflection of himself the creek and his face stares back at him, covered in blood. He then understands what Michonne had been saying and perhaps he realises that this could be their lives as well, now. This symbolism is really nice, I like the way this was done.

I also have to mention Rick- obvs. The people of Alexandria are now questioning his decisions and blaming him for the plan going wrong, (even though it’s not his fault.) I can only assume that this will escalate in further episodes and I am interested to see what happens, if he can regain their trust or not. They were always wary of him anyway, because he is an outsider and his way of doing things is sooo different to theirs, due to their sheltered experience.

At the end of the episode, he is alone in a vehicle that won’t start, with an enormous mass of walkers emerging from the treeline. they are about to swarm him. I don’t know how he’s gonna get out of this one. It reminds me of the end of season 1, episode 1, when was stuck in the tank, completely surrounded by walkers. I had no idea how he was going to escape then, but in the second episode, Glenn saved him. Without taking the chance to help a stranger, Rick probably wouldn’t have survived. Rick owes Glenn his life. It just shows that, even then, Glenn was a important character in the show. But no Glenn this time 😦 Rick will have to survive alone.


There you go, I can’t talk any more about this episode. *Goes into the corner and cries.* It wasn’t really a review, more of a discussion. But whatever.

Is anyone else heartbroken over Glenn? What do you think will happen in the next episode?

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading.

byee 🙂