Most of you might not have heard of HitRECord.

Here is a bit of context.

Hit RECord is a creative collaborative website made and run by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (an actor.) By working together and adding to each other’s work, people make really amazing things. It includes all things creative. Music, art, animation, short films, writing, poetry, and more. ‘Hit record on TV’ is a show (hosted by Gordon-Levitt,) where it features some of the things created on the website.

A show about everything creative?

Sounds totally me. How could I not give this a go?

I had heard of the site before, but never bothered to take a look. It’s just the thought of other people being able to change and add stuff to your work, which put me off. I mean, I’m all for working together, but my own work is very special to me, and wouldn’t want other people working on it, you know what I mean? It’s mine! I guess I’m a bit selfish, aha.

Anyway I came across this show while browsing through Netflix and thought I would give it a try.

The episodes are all usually no longer than 30 minuets, so it’s nice and short. Not a commitment to watch. You can just watch an episode here and there, whenever you feel like it; you don’t have to set aside an hour to watch it like some other programmes.

Each episode is centred on a theme, and all the work presented explores the theme in different ways. Some themes I have seen are: Fantasy, space, games and money. Some of the things they create are weird, some are exceptional and some are actually really deep.

I love the creative aspect, its so good to encourage this. I like the setup of the show, but s something just doesn’t quite sit right with me. I don’t know. The bits in between the songs, and animations, etc., they seem a bit out of place. As much as I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, (and I hate to say it,) I don’t really like his hosting. As cool as he is, sometimes he talks in a cheesy, over the top, annoying way. And in most episodes, he seems to star in one of the things. Like- ‘Yeah I’m gonna sing this song with you,’ or ‘I’m gonna act in this short film.’

I’m all for letting you take part, Joe, but let some other normal people have a go, yeah? You can be in it occasionally, but sometimes it just seems unnecessary. Like, anyone could have done this bit instead. But since you pay for everything, I guess you can! So do what you want. I read something questioning if hitrecord is just his vanity project. Now, I don’t think I agree with that. No. But it is something to keep in the back of your mind.

Moreover, why is the official name ‘HitRECord on TV…with Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Makes it a bit long. I know it might attract more people to watch it, because he’s a very popular and likeable guy, but…. wouldn’t just seeing him in the photo be enough?

(I’m sorry, JGL. I still love you.)


Anyway, the show doesn’t have many faults, apart from the fact that I thought the tone was a little off in some places. But the actual work presented is really good; some cool, interesting, quality work. Plus, Joseph Gordon-Levitt often gets some of his famous friends to help out. Go take a look if you think you might be into it. I recommend it. Get those creative juices flowing!

I hope you enjoyed this review.

Thanks for reading

byee 🙂