Steven universe is an amazing show. (click to see my Steven Universe review, and my thoughts of diversity and equality in the show.)

First, a brief outline of the show. The main characters are Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet. They are part of an alien race called Gems who have magical powers. Steven – the protagonist- is a kid who is half human/half gem. The story follows Steven and the rest of the team -called ‘the crystal gems’- as he tries to control his powers and faces everyday life. They go on missions and save the earth from other Gems, who want to use it for their own evil purposes.


Aside from the main characters. I totally love Lapis lazuli. I don’t know why. It’s a tossup between Lapis and Pearl for my favourite. She’s not featured in many episodes, but I love her. Especially her relationship with Steven, and the song he sings about her. I love her character design and her ability to control water is super cool.

But of all the characters in the show, she gets all the bad luck! I wish something nice would happen to her for a change…She is treated badly by the other gems, always getting taken prisoner and Jasper is especially mean to her. But she in actual fact she is a really strong and powerful gem.

Perhaps I love her because I empathise with her so much.

Let’s take a look at the misfortune train that is Lapis lazuli’s life so far in the show. She was trapped in a mirror for thousands of years, all she wanted was someone to talk to. Then Steven freed her -yay! -but then gems attacked her because they think she’s dangerous. All Lapis wants is to get back home, off earth, but her gem is broken, so she can’t. She is hurt, alone and angry.

On a side note, it is really cool how she takes the ocean and turns it into a massive tower when she’s on a bit of a rampage. XD

Then she finds friendship in Steven, when he just wants to be her friend and help her. He heals her gem with his magical spit. Eww. And she sprouts water wings (cool, right?) and can fly back to Homeworld. All seems to have worked out okay. But she returns and everything is not how she remembers. It is new, modern and simply not nice.

She is forced to come back to earth again by Jasper and Peridot in the two-part season 1 finale. Then the ship goes down and Steven wants to rescue her, but doesn’t have time. So she is alone, afraid and trapped in a prison cell when they crash into earth. There is a shot of her curled in the cell hugging her knees. When she puts her head down and her eyes are in shadow….huuuuhh… sad.

giphy It always gives me the feels.

Luckily she survives the wreckage unscathed.

Then does the most amazing thing ever. She tricks Jasper and fusses with her, turning into Malachite. The gems all think she has been persuaded to fight against them. But she uses her water powers to drag them, fused together, to the bottom of the ocean. This is the most self-sacrificial thing ever. She keeps Jasper prisoner inside their joined body so that she can’t hurt anyone anymore. Which must be so difficult to do, as the slightest conflict or disagreement between fused gems can pull them apart. She does this to stop Jasper, but the main reason, I think, was to save Steven. She protects him and this is so cute.


LION IS AMAZING. He is so magical but so annoyingly mysterious! Anything could happen with him around. He is obviously something to do with Rose quartz, but no one knows exactly what their history is. Of course they are connected, as she stored loads of her stuff in the alternate dimension pocket thing in his mane. But I’m certain there is much more to it. Some people believe lion is somehow Rose. That she didn’t actually die and this is her new physical form. More likely, is that part of her went into lion and part of her went into Steven through the gem. Still this is not very believable. I still think lion was probably just her secret lion friend.


Diamond theories are circulating everywhere. But here is what I think.

We see a logo or emblem of sorts a few times. There is one with a white diamond on top, yellow and blue diamonds on the sides.

Then on other episodes we see the symbol again, only this time there is a pink diamond on the bottom. These are in times after the rebellion. From this, we can conclude that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond and a powerful figure on homeworld. That explains she was able to gather enough support to start a rebellion to save earth and win the war. However back on homeworld after this, she was disgraced and acknowledged as a traitor, so the Pink Diamond was taken off the symbol.

We know that Peridot and Jasper work for Yellow Diamond and she has been mentioned a couple times in the show. In a new teaser of the full theme we even see a glimpse of her side profile and eye which sounds inconsequential, but is very exciting. The fans went wild. She is presumably the second most powerful authority figure on homeworld and as her followers, Peridot and Jasper, are against the crystal gems and want to use earth etc., she is thought of as a villain.

White Diamond has not been mentioned, but I believe she is the leader right at the top of the ladder and the others are generals of some sort. Blue Diamond has not been mentioned either and no one knows who she is or what she will do in the show. Some people believe Lapis has something to do with her, simply because she is the colour blue. Some even say that she was part of a fusion that became blue diamond a long time ago, but this seems pretty far-fetched. Apart from her being powerful, there really isn’t any evidence to support this. Wouldn’t Jasper treat her with a little more respect if she used to be a big boss gem? Even if it was ages ago? I don’t know.  I would assume that she is just a follower of Blue Diamond because of the blue triangle symbol on her dress. We can speculate all we like about pink and blue and yellow diamond… but basically all the diamonds are a mystery. For now.

Dun dun duhhhhhn.



So tell me, what do you think of Lapis lazuli? What are your own theories on Lion and all the Diamonds? let me know in the comments below.

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