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August 2015

Fullmetal Alchemist review.


WARNING! This post contains spoilers from the first 10 episodes. That is all I’ve watched so far. I please ask that you refrain from mentioning spoilers in the comments from any further episodes, for my own sake, and for other readers.

Normally I wouldn’t review a show until I’ve finished at least 1 season or something, but I thought I simply had to. Because I love it so much! Continue reading “Fullmetal Alchemist review.”


Girl Online review.. ghostwriters aside- is it a good book?


WARNING! This post contains spoilers from the book Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. Proceed with caution.

This is all just my personal opinion. Don’t hate.

Yes, I know I’m jumping on the band wagon a little late here, as Girl Online has been out for ages and now even the second one is coming out, but I have only just gotten around to reading it. So chill. Continue reading “Girl Online review.. ghostwriters aside- is it a good book?”

Audible review… reading for lazy people?


I have recently discovered the world of audiobooks, via the site Audible. Even though they have been around for quite a while, audiobooks had never really appealed to me before now. I don’t know why. It seemed sort of like cheating, somehow. Like you weren’t actually reading the book, because you were listening to someone else reading it. Which is true in a way. But I also found that I really enjoyed it. Continue reading “Audible review… reading for lazy people?”

Cartoons are not (just) for kids.


This is a new series I’m starting and will be experimenting with. I may or may not carry it on. ‘Cartoons are not (just) for kids’ will be an exploration of animation (mostly TV shows) and how changing attitudes are helping them appeal to a market that cartoons were never originally intended for- teenagers and adults. I feel this is a good topic to go into, as I have recently become an adult myself. Plus, I have always been a HUGE fan of cartoons.

Episode 1. A whole new world. Continue reading “Cartoons are not (just) for kids.”

Hello, bewildering world of Blogging…

So, I’ve started a blog. Well, obviously, since you – Anonymous Reader- are currently reading it. If anyone even is reading this. Is anyone out there? (out there, out there…) I don’t really know why I decided to start this blog, but lots of people are doing it nowadays and it sounded like something I might be into. I just thought I’d give it a go. Why not? Continue reading “Hello, bewildering world of Blogging…”

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